Greetings!!!  The word ‘karavali’ in Kannada means ‘coastal’. We thought the word ‘karavali’ best describes the location of our Sahodaya.

Our Sahodaya is basically for the coastal districts of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada (DK) though we may have a few schools from neighbouring districts of Uttar Kannada, Shimoga or Chickmagalur till they have their own sahodayas.

The coastal districts are known for the lush green natural surroundings, their ethnic cuisine, friendly and industrious people.  Art and literature too have strong roots in this land.  These districts are known for their high literacy rate and cultured heritage.

We are around 40 schools at present. We formed into a Sahodaya only around a year ago. Then we registered with the central Sahodaya.  We have started some activities like training for teachers.  They are reported in this site.

Now the central Sahodaya of CBSE wants every unit to have a website and then get it linked to the central Sahodaya site ( The ultimate aim is to have an inter-linking for mutual understanding and sharing of knowledge and resources.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success”, said the great entrepreneur Henry Ford. This is very true of the sahodaya concept too.

We are an organization formed as such for mutual benefit.  Together we can achieve a lot of things. We can pool in and share our knowledge and experience for mutual benefit.  By doing so we realize the truth that ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’.

Let’s work together in the spirit of fraternity as we have common goals and objectives.  Let’s co-operate and collaborate for the benefit of our schools and their stake-holders.

I wish to greet every Principal on this occasion of our launching our website.  Let me hope this will be a milestone in the history of our sahodaya.

Thank you very much.

Mathew C. Ninan