Report on CBSE Sub. Specific Training in Sec. Social Science held at Mount Carmel Central School, Maryhill, Mangaluru.

A training session on competence building in Social Science was conducted on 29th and 30th July 2016 at Mount Carmel Central School by CBSE Master Trainers Mr. Sajeev K. Joseph, PGT, Marygiri Eng. Med. School, Sreekandapuram, Kannur & Mr. James P.A., Sr. TGT, Little Rock Indian School, Brahmavar, Udupi appointed by CBSE – Centre Of Excellence, Kochi. 37 CBSE Schools in and around Mangaluru and Udupi Districts had sent 71 Social Science teachers to attend this seminar.

On 29th July 2016 the training programme began around 9:15 am by invoking God’s blessings by a group of students of the host school, followed by the welcome address by Principal Sr. Doreen A. DSilva A.C. The seminar was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Sr. Carissima A.C., the administrator of the school, the 2 resource persons, Principal and a participant of the seminar, followed by a short message by Sr. Carissima A.C., the administrator of the school.

The session started with an introduction by Mr. James P.A. and an ice breaker activity.
In the first session Mr. Sajeev Joseph discussed about the importance of NCF 2005 in Social Science. The main guiding principles were connecting knowledge of life to outside school circle, learning the concept than rote, enriching curriculum and overall development of children and not being text book centric and to reduce exam stress.

In the second session various methods and strategies of teaching Social Science were discussed by Mr. James and the participants were reminded of Dr. Gardener’s theory of 8 multiple intelligence and were guided how to create strategies of teaching activities and methods according to the student’s caliber. This was followed by different methods of teaching Social Science that can be incorporated in their teaching learning process.

The importance of interdisciplinary approach was discussed by Mr. Joseph, where the teachers learnt not only to link the other disciplines / subjects but how to inter link the boundaries of Social Science subjects and the need to open up to a plurality approach.

It was followed by Bloom taxonomy of educational objectives where the group was preoccupied with activities. They also learnt about the taxonomy of educational objectives where taxonomy is a classification into their domain such as cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

The day ended with the preparation of a sample lesson plan in groups and its presentation. Home assignment included the sample of individual lesson plans.

On the second day, the discussion was about how to assess and evaluate Social Science
- The members learnt various tools to assess the subject.
- The features to improve assessment skill and the different kinds of assessment tools.
- Achievement tests – its objects, types and steps involved.

This was followed by ‘item and item writing’ where they were asked to differentiate one mark, three marks and five marks questions through various activities.

At the end of the session, from each group one school representative had to present a detailed lesson plan, which was analyzed by the rest of the teachers along with the resource persons.

Finally the session was concluded with Map skill and map questions. These two days training programme was interactive and highly informative with the aim of encouraging the teachers to eventually own the responsibility of taking up initiative to make themselves better equipped with tools and techniques of teaching methods, designing and planning lesson plans and evaluating the students with multiple intelligence variation in Social Science.

The training programme concluded with highlights of both the days, feed backs from various school representatives and vote of thanks.

A Report on the CCE (Scholastic) held on 22nd and 23rd of July 2016.

The 2- day Capacity Building Programme on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation was held at Carmel School, Mangaluru on 22nd and 23rd of July 2016, attended by 82 participants from 8 Schools. The programme was inaugurated at 9.45 a.m. with the lighting of the lamp and a prayer song. After the two speakers, Mrs. Deepika Jaidas and Dr. Abdul Jaleel Perla were introduced and welcomed, all the participants were divided into 12 groups. To put the participants at ease, there was ice-breaker followed by sessions on meaning, features and concepts of CCE. After a tea-break, were sessions on features and techniques of Formative Assessments and Comparing classroom scenarios. After lunch, sessions on tools and techniques of formative assessments, making rubrics, inter-disciplinary projects, meaning and features of summative assessments were conducted.

The second day’s workshop commenced with the recapitulation of the previous day’s work and continued with the summative assessments, assessing co-scholastic areas. Post lunch, photo-session was followed by sessions on identifying and dealing with bullying, connecting with values and inculcating the same in students, and understanding the concept of gender sensitivity. The workshop was concluded at 5.30 p.m. with a valedictory function.

A Report on the Training programme on `O Labs’ (Online Labs) led by Mr. Pantina Chndrashekar from Amrita CREATE’, Amrita University.

This training Pragramme was conducted on 23rd July 2016 at Little Rock Indian School, Brahmavar, Udupi District, Karnataka. This was attended by 84 Secondary and Senior Secondary Science teachers of 37 Schools of 3 Districts.

`O Labs’ is a research initiate by Amrita CREATE (Centre for Research in Advanced Technologies for Education) in collaboration with COE (Centre of Excellence), CBSE and funded by CDAC, Mumbai.

In the first session of the programme Mr. Chandrashekar from Amrita CREATE explained and demonstrated the `Online Labs’ concept. The salient features and the benefits of this concept were also discussed in detail. The Second session was a practical session where teachers could experience the concept using the Computer.

The theory followed by the practical session gave the teachers a clear idea about how to use this concept in their own Classrooms. The whole programme emphasized that ‘Online Labs’ is the best option available especially in rural areas where students do not have proper lab facilities and internet connections. As it is free of cost, the students coming from poor financial background can also avail themselves of the benefit of `Online Labs’.

Thus this programme gave an additional teaching tool in the hands of the Science teachers who attended this programme.

  • July 25, 2016
  • Principal

CCE Report conducted at Madhava Kripa school – 2016

Capacity Building Program on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Co-scholastics area was conducted at Madhava Kripa school on 15th and 16th of July 2016. The resource persons were Mrs. Abhilasha, Principal of S.M.S English Medium School’Brahmavar and Dr. Abdul Jaleel Perla, Principal of Aliya Senior Secondary School,Kasargod. There were 40 teachers inclusive of the teachers from the neighbouring schools like Christ School, St. Mary’s English Medium School, Sri Lakshmi Janardhan School and G M Vidyaniketan Public school. The first day’s session began at 9.00am with a formal function followed by the ice breaker session.

“Tell me I forget,teach me I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Teachers enthusiastically participated in the two days programme. All the teachers had a lot to take back to our classrooms. The workshop on co scholastic aspect of CCE opened up a new door to information which we were oblivious of. The session by Dr. Abdul Jaleel on Familiarization with life skills and recording and documentation held the key for us. It unblocked all doubts of who has to assess the co scholastic aspect of a child and we realized that every teacher is responsible for evaluating and understanding the co scholastic areas and not just the co curricular teachers. With many activities given to us we got the hang of assessing co scholastic areas.

Mrs. Abhilasha acquainted us with Awareness and Familiarisation of attitudes and values was informative. She also made us feel how important a teacher’s role is in grooming a child.The sessions provided food for thought like how teachers can unravel the student’s potential and schooling be made joyous for children. The importance of value education was well brought out. It was interesting to slip into the shoes of the children and learn. The trainers could well reach out the immense subject within the stipulated time. This training will surely help us to hone our teaching skills. Thanks to Dr. Manulal, Advisor-Training, Centre of Excellence, Central Board of education, Kochi!

The two days session ended with a valedictory programme, wherein the participants and trainers exchanged their feedbacks to encourage each other.

Mrs. Jessy Andrews,

Report on CCE workshop held on 8th & 9th of July 2016.

The 2-day workshop on CCE began at 9:20 am with a small inaugural programme which had the lighting of the lamp and a brief introduction of the resource persons Mrs. Shrilatha Rao, Mrs. Jessy Andrews, Mrs. Abhilasha and Dr. Abdul Jaleel Perla. The participants were then grouped into 2 batches and were directed to their respective venues. The 1st session commenced with an Ice Breaker after which the resource persons discussed the meaning, features and the concept of CCE and activities were conducted for the better understanding of the same. Post tea break was the session with discussions on the meaning, features, tools and techniques on formative assessment. Post lunch session had an introduction to summative assessment. The day’s workshop concluded at 4:30 pm. The second day’s workshop commenced with a breakfast at 8:30 am followed by a photograph session. Session 1 began with the recapitulation and continued with the resource persons discussing the different topics according to the schedule planned. In the post lunch sessions of day 2 the participants were exposed to the co-scholastic aspects of CCE. The workshop wound up at 5:15 pm with a valedictory programme which was open to the feedbacks of the resource persons and one representative from each school.

Principal’s Annual Conference on 26th & 27th October

Principal’s Annual Conference will be held on 26th & 27th October 2016 at Sri Bhuvanendra Sabha Bhavan, Canara High School CBSE, Dongerkery, Mangalore.
Theme : Leadership: Body, Mind and Heart


  1. Leader’s role in Scaffolding slow bloomers.
  2. Changing role of school leadership – distributive leadership.
  3. Self actualization of education.
  4. New curriculum and classroom culture.
  5. Fostering creativity.
  6. School governance
  7. Behavioral changes in teenagers
  8. Empathy, leadership, design and technology
  9. Paradigm shift.. our adaptability and responsibility
  10. New literacy’s for new generation.
  11. What building relationships with students really means?’ (this is related to bullying which is a serious offence)


  1. Inauguration and keynote address by Captain Ganesh Karnik, MLC (Teachers’ Constituency).
  2. Prof. Pushparaj, Principal, Chinmaya Educational Institution, Kasargod.
  3. Dr. Madhav Bhat, Retd. Principal, Vivekanand College, Puttur.
  4. Dr. Shailaja Shastri, Jain Univerisity, Bangalore.
  5. Dr. Vijay Kumar, Vice chancellor, Yenepoya University.
  6. Prof. Mathew C Ninan, Principal, Little Rock (Summing up the 2 day conference)
  7. Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Pro-Vice chancellor, Jain University.- Valedictory Address
  8. Dr. Vanishree Joseph, NITTE education trust.
  9. Dr Ravishankar Rao, Professor, Mangalore University

Report of the CBP conducted at Dr. M Ramanna Shetty Memorial English Medium High School

A capacity building programme on Scholastic area was hosted by our school for two days on 10th and 11th of June 2016. 45 teachers from the following schools took part in the training. School Names No of Teachers
1. Dr. M Ramanna Shetty memorial Eng. Med. School, Thokur - 15 teachers
2. Dr. NSAM Eng. Med. High School, Nitte - 13 teachers
3. BRM Prabhu Centenery Public School, Bantwal - 07 teachers
4. Bhuvana Jyothi Residential School, Shirthady - 10 teachers

Mrs. Abhilasha, Principal, SMS Eng. Med. School Brahmavar and Mrs. Jessy Andrews, Principal, Madhavakripa School, Manipal were the resource persons.

The two days’ training programme was very informative and benefited the teachers to a greater extent. Though they had undergone many trainings in CCE from empanelled agencies, they were of the opinion that the essence of CCE is made very clear to them through this CBP organized by the CBSE. As it was conducted by the Principals who are dealing with the aspects of CCE every day, they were able to connect with the participants making them understand the true meaning of CCE.

Though the training was in Scholastic Area, it also included brief sessions on co-scholastic areas like value education, life skills, gender sensitivity etc.

We are grateful to the CBSE for taking this initiative of preparing the teachers towards the paradigm shift in the field of education and to Dr G Manulal, Advisor(Training) CBSE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE, KOCHI for being a constant guide throughout this programme.

Shreelatha Rao
Dr. M Ramanna Shetty memorial English Medium High School
Thokur, Mangalore-574 146
Affn. No. 830206

Principals vow to make Schools safe for Children

Principals of ICSE and CBSE Schools (AICS) of Udupi and DK districts made a joint declaration on November 9th2013 that they would put in place the necessary safeguards to ensure the safety of children in their schools. The principals met at Little Rock Indian School, Brahmavar in the context of many cases of child abuse reported in recent times. Dr. P.V. Bhandary, Psychiatrist in his keynote address confirmed that the incidence of child abuse is indeed a reality, and thatit is rampant now. Both boys and girls are vulnerable. The surprising fact is that the perpetrators are often those close to the family of the child. It is a myth that the people who commit the crime are of unsound mind. It’s often elders with a ‘good Samaritan’ image who commit the crime. Parents need to be wary of such situations. Schools should also take suitable steps to see that children are not abused, particularly in residential schools. Schools should create a task force to be ever vigilant in order to protect their children. Prof. Mathew C. Ninan, Principal of Little Rock spoke on the ‘School Perspective’. He said, it should be the mandate of every school to create awareness amongst its children against possible attempts to abuse them. School, by definition, should be the safest place for children. It’s possible to create such a school environment if the children, teachers and parents are sensitized, and there is an open channel of communication amongst them. Children should be empowered and emboldened to complain against any attempt to abuse them, without any fear of reprisal. Short films on ‘good touch, and bad touch’ were screened to show how children can be educated in an age-appropriate mannerto protect themselves. Principals made a joint declaration that they would put in place a host of reforms and systems to eliminate all forms of child abuse in the school, its premises,in the hostels and school buses. MrsShreelathaRao, President of AICSintroduced the agenda and welcomed. Mr Vidyavantha Acharya,Mrs Neeta Kishore, Mrs K.Anandhi and Fr. AnilD’Costa led the discussion, attended by over 30 principals. Dr. Thomas Quadros made the concluding remarks and proposed the vote of thanks.

Report on All India CBSE Inter School Tennis Tournament South Zone 2013

The inaugural function of the ALL INDIA INTER SCHOOL(CBSE) TENNIS TOURNAMENT, SOUTH ZONE took place on the 7th of October, 2013 at Canara Tennis Academy,Mangalore. The programme started off with a colourful march past by all the teams accompanied by Canara High school, Urwa girls carrying placards bearing the state names. The march past was also accompanied by a band troupe from Canara Higher Primary school, Urwa. The invocation by Canara CBSE students was followed by a welcome address by Mrs.Joy J. Rai, Principal, Canara High School CBSE. This was followed by the introduction of the guests by Mr.Kochikar Sudhakar Pai. The contribution of Mr.C.G.Krishna Bhupathi in shaping the tennis career of great players like Mahesh Bhuapathi, Sania Mirza, Rohan Bopanna was highlighted in his introductory speech. The tennis village at Bangalore, set up to encourage budding tennis talents was also mentioned. This was followed by hoisting of the National flag, school flag and CBSE flag by Mr.S.S.Kamath, Mr.Basti Purushotham Shenoy and Mr.Ranganath Bhat. All the flag bearers of the various teams undertook an oath of fairplay, led by master Rajeev Shenoy of Canara CBSE school. Mr. G.Rajendran unveiled the symbol of the Tennis tournament and Mr.S.S.Kamath officially declared the tournament open. This was followed by a key note address by the guest Mr.C.G.Krishna Bhupathi who expressed immense pleasure to be amongst the participants and tennis lovers. He quoted that self confidence was the key to success and confidence comes only by preparation. He also encouraged the students to take up sports activities which will help them to develop concentration which in turn will help them to develop in all other fields including academics. The vote of thanks delivered by Mrs.Preetha Nayak. The function ended with thanks offered to the Rain God Varuna as well as seeking his help in the successful conduct of the tournament. During the four day tournament around 52 schools participated playing nearly 104 matches at two venues ie., Rama Krishna Tennis Club and NITK, Surathkal. The results are as follows

Boys Under – 19 Under – 14
1. The Global Edge School(AP) B.V Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, Kilpauk (T.N)
2. Jain Heritage School, Bangalore Jain Heritage School, Bangalore
3. PSBB Sr. Sec. School, Nungambakkam, Chennai DPS (Secunderabad) – (A.P)
4. DAV Public School, Santoshima Nagar (130044- AP) Oakridge International School, Hyderabad


Girls Under – 19 Under – 14
1. Chirec Public School (A.P) Bala Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School (T.N)
2. DPS Hyderabad (A.P) PSBB Sr. Sec. School, Nungabakkam, Chennai
3. Sherwood Hall Sr. Sec. School (T.N) Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School(AP)
4. SBOA Sr. Sec. School & Jr. College(T.N) DAV Sr. Sec. School (TN)

During the Valedictory function Mr. Uday Yeragatti, Dean, student welfare, NITK, Mr. I.C. Shetty, AGM, Canara Bank, Mr. Abdul Salam, President, Rama Krishna Tennis Club and other dignitaries including Mr. S.S Kamath, President, CHSA, Mr. Ranganath Bhat, Secretary, CHSA, Mr. Kochikar Sudhakar Pai, Correspondent, Canara High School CBSE, Basty Purshotham Shenoy, Correspondent, Canara Tennis Academy and other members of the Governing council of CHSA, were present. Dr. Kishore, CBSE Observer, Mr. Shivaram, Deputy Director of physical Education, NITK, Mr. Suresh Mallya of Ramakrishna Tennis Academy were felicitated during the function. Principal Mrs. Joy Rai compered the program and the entire CBSE Staff and Heads of various other Canara Institutions and parents were present for the function.

20th Annual National Sahodaya Conference

Amritsar Sahodaya Schools Complex is organizing 20th Annual National Sahodaya Conference from 08-10 November 2013 at Amritsar (Punjab). All the member schools of Sahodaya Schools Complex are cordially invited to participate. View Invite Download Registration form

CCE Training Programme at Canara High School

CCE Training programme organized by the Karavali Sahodaya Complex was hosted by Canara High School on 9thJuly, 2012. The resource persons for the day were Mrs. Hannah Henry and Mrs. Meera Padmanabhan from Everonn Education Ltd, Chennai. About 59 teachers participated in the programme. The participants were divided into two groups-Middle school and High school. The patterns of Assessment, including various parameters were the main issues discussed. The correspondent of the School Mr. Kochikar Sudhakar Pai, Principal Mrs. Joy J. Rai attended the inauguration and valedictory ceremonies.

Report of CCE Training Programme at Christ School

“It’s all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained.” – Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain This year Christ School at Manipal had the privilege of hoisting the CCE Training programme for the Teachers of Karavali Sahodaya Complex. It was held on10th July 2012. We were privileged to have the expert training professionals from Chennai Mrs. Meera Padmanabhan the Lead Trainer at Evron Education Limited and Mrs. Hannah Henry who is currently with Evron as the senior Lead Subject Matter Expert in Physics. The presence of Mr. Mathew Ninan, President of Karavali Sahodaya brought a special honour to our school. In his address to the teachers he encouraged them to be more creative and innovative in their teaching ministry to bring out the best from the young minds. About 48 Teachers from the various institutions of Karavali Sahodaya responded to the invitation. The inaugural programme began invoking the blessings of the Lord Almighty with a prayer song by the students of class VII. The resource persons and the special guests were welcomed and felicitated by the Principal and the Correspondent Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Lewis. After the inaugural function the Session was taken over by the resource persons. Following points were discussed in the session.

  • Anecdotal Records
  • Formative Assessments
  • Documentation
  • And Co-Scholastic Area

Training Manuals were given to each participant and everyone responded well and cleared their various doubts. The Training was concluded at 5.00p.m.

Eliza Vaz, Principal

CCE Training In Little Rock

I am glad to report that the CCE training that took place on 28th and 29th November in Mangalore and Udupi regions respectively have gone off well. Mangalore Region’s was held in Canraa CBSE School and that of Udupi was held in Little Rock Indian School, Brahmavar. Mrs Meera Padmanabhan, DGM, Training and Mrs Saraswathi Srinivasan, Senior Faculty of Everonn Systems, Chennai conducted the training in both places. Everonn is an officially agency accredited by CBSE to conduct these training programmes, strictly as per CBSE approved training manual. 46 participants each attended the training. Thus 92 teachers got the training. Barring one School, all others were represented. I understand that the feedback was very good. As you know one day is too short to transact the entire gamut of CCE. We may therefore think of 2 days’ sessions next time. I wish to thank all the Principals and teachers who attended. I must place on record the services of Canara CBSE School, its management, and especially Principal Mrs Radha R. Prabhu for all the arrangements she made for the programme at Mangalore. Thanks very much. Yours faithfully,

Mathew C. Ninan Principal, Little Rock.

Report on Capacity Building Programme on CCE

A workshop on CCE training Programme was conducted on 28.11.2011 by Everonn Education System limited. Mrs.Meera Padmanabhan and Mrs.Saraswathi Srinivasan were the resource persons. Around 46 teachers from CBSE affiliated schools from Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts attended the days programme. The Assessment pattern for formative Assessment (FA) and tools and techniques used for evaluation in co-scholastic domains were the main issues discussed. The Honorable Correspondent of the school, Mr.Kochikar Sudhakar Pai, advisor Mr.Ramesh Kedilaya and Head mistress Radha Prabhu attended the inaugural and valedictory programmes.

Karavali Sahodaya School Principals’ Meet

Karavali Sahodaya School Complex

-A session on Sharing of Best Practices – A Report

  • First meeting of Karavali Sahodaya  Schools Complex held at Presidency school, Mangalore on Saturday, 5th November 2011.
  • Meeting was chaired by Prof. Mathew C. Ninan, Chairman of Karavali Sahodaya Complex
  • Principals and teachers from 31 schools from Udupi and Mangalore participated.
  • Presentations by Principals on various aspects of CCE proposed by CBSE
  • Welcome by Mr Kailash Pawar, Principal, Presidency School, Mangalore

Resource Persons: Mrs. Abhilasha ,Vice Principal, SMS  English Medium School Brahmavar Dr. Kusum ,Principal, Madhava Kripa School, Manipal Mrs. Neetha Kishore –Principal ,Dr. NSAM English Medium School, NITTE, Mrs .Geetha Venkataraman , Principal,,Dr. MRSM English Medium School , Thokur. Prof. Mathew C Ninan , Principal , Little Rock  Indian School ,Brahmavar & Chairman Karavali Sahodaya Schools Complex The programme started with an introduction by Principal Mrs.Usha Rao followed by Welcome address by Senior Principal Mr.Kailash Pawar. Prof. Mathew C Ninaninitiated the session as the chairperson of the Karavali Sahodaya Complex and Mr.Chandrashekara ,Principal ,Lokaseva Kendra ,Alake , shared the dais as the President of the Karavali Sahodaya Complex.

Click to Enlarge The First Speaker Mrs. Abhilasha had a presentation on formative assessment- as Pedagogy, explaining the same as being equivalent as feeding of watering of plants appropriate to their needs. Dr. Kusum spoke on the importance of CCA as apart of the formative assessment and highlighted its importance. Mrs.Neeta Kishore, spoke on recording of  the Co-Scholastic areas and  showed how her school has devised it with the help of MS-Excel. Mrs. Geetha Venkatraman made a presentation on how effectively a teacher can use the different tools and techniques in formative assessment. To sum it up, Prof.  Mathew C Ninan shared his experience and thoughts with a presentation on Monitoring and Mentoring of CCE . He expressed his profound gratitude towards Mr Pawar for hosting the first ever Sahodaya meet of our newly formed Sahodaya complex of Mangalore and Udupi. Mrs. Shreelatha Rao ,Principal, BGS Education Centre proposed the vote of thanks. The Principals and teachers who toured the Presidency campus appreciated the ambience, class décor, house-keeping and bulletin board work of the School.